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Like many great ventures of our time, this project started with failure. More specifically, the failure of one of my prep tables at my restaurant. The thermostat failed, the case heated up, and all of the food had to be thrown away. I thought to myself, “There has to be a better way: a way for me to get notified if the temperature changes so I never have this problem again.”

I actually found a few products online, but they were restrictively expensive, limited in what they could do, and not wireless. So I figured that the best chance to get what I wanted was to build it myself. My guiding principle was to keep the system as inexpensive as possible while providing a flexible, all-encompassing platform.

I drew on my 30 years of experience designing and building custom equipment (in my previous life I worked in high-speed food production and packaging) to design my own system. It took four years of research, development, trials, and failures, but we ultimately succeeded. JL Controls was formed, partnerships were made, and finally, in April of 2019, the system was fully ready to go.

Welcome to JL Controls.


  1. Place JL Controls sensors where you want to monitor and/or keep an extra set of eyes on your property.
  2. Set up notifications to monitor when certain conditions are not met to protect your assets and inventory from loss.
  3. Receive alerts in real-time through text, email, or phone call.


  • Inexpensive, no gateway to purchase, sensors connect directly to wifi.
  • Capable
  • Wireless
  • Flexible platform
  • Comprehensive support


JL Controls offers a complete suite of hardware and software that can be customized for any situation.

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